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the healthy challenge
The Healthy Workplace Challenge encourages organizations to foster an environment that promotes a more active and healthy workplace. This challenge will recognize efforts of Nashville businesses and organizations that make their work environment an easier place to be healthy while also encouraging all workplaces to join the goal of making Nashville a healthier city. Specifically, participants will be following a “Prescription for a Healthier Workplace,” which focuses on:
healthy logo best practices
best practices list

Who should complete the Healthy scorecard?

We recommend a primary point of contact/administrator register your organization as a new participant, and then the following employee positions can be added as additional users to help fill out each scorecard. These additional users may be identified during the registration process.

If you are smaller businesses with shared job responsibilities, one individual may complete all scorecards. For larger businesses, we recommend that a staff member in Human Resources, or similar department, be responsible for completion of the Healthy Scorecard.

The steps to achieve success in these areas are highlighted in the “Toolkit for Creating a Healthier Workplace”. The toolkit outlines specific steps an organization can take to meet the elements of the “Prescription.” Participants can choose to pursue all 5 elements of the prescription, or only specific elements.
get the workplace toolkit
Organizations will join the challenge by registering and filling out the Healthy Workplace Challenge Scorecard.

scoring details

The Healthy Workplace Challenge scorecard contains questions targeting best practices for a healthier workplace environment. Once registered, participating organizations may access and update their scorecards, with the goal of increasing their scores throughout the challenge year. Scores will be reviewed periodically, and participants will receive awards throughout the year as they reach higher levels of recognition.

The Healthy Workplace Challenge consists of two elements (Programs & Policies). Entry level criteria for programs are set to ensure that participants have programming in place to provide a healthier workplace for their employees. Policies will ensure that participants make health a sustainable element of the work environment. Policy implementation will be recognized as the best practice for the health challenge.

Although participants are encouraged to achieve as many points as possible, they are not expected to achieve all points. As noted below, an organization that receives 15 points has taken many important steps toward being an environmentally conscious workplace and is deserving of recognition. The Healthly Workplace Challenge has four award levels for Local Well-Being Advocate, which are tied to the following point totals:

healthy award levels chart
If you need assistance, clarification on a question, or would like to learn more about how to improve your score on any scorecard, please email